Chronique bière-Notre sélection de l’été partie 1-Anglais

I enjoy my lighter and fruity beers from time to time, when the mood strikes and the season is right. They have a way of giving you that TGIF feeling regardless of which day of the week it is. Given that there’s no season that puts me in a greater mood than summer, I picked up a few succulent treats to get the pool parties and beach days started.

Unibroue Éphémère Pear
Style: Fruit Beer
Alcohol: 5.5%
Format: 341ml Bottle

Unibroue’s Éphémère series is one of the most accessible and consistently growing fruit beer line-ups that we have access to in Quèbec. Before I purchased their newest release, Pear, I had tried the Apple, Cherry, Cranberry and Black Currant. I found Black Currant to be the most flavorful, whereas Apple turned me off because of its very apparent artificial flavoring. I couldn’t hurt to try just one more…

Éphémère Pear poured like all of the others, with a cloudy golden color that very quickly produced a thick, fast growing head because of its highly carbonated profile. The head dissipated very fast, leaving me to enjoy the very pleasant pear aroma emanating from the glass. The smell was fresh, ripe and yet light, with the faintest touch of vanilla. My nose picked up a mix of pear, apple and lychee, which I was surprised to identify but found had a noticeable presence overall.

After my first taste, it seemed to me that this particular beer had less of a yeast kick than other Unibroue products. The carbonation was high and a little aggressive on the tongue but settled down over time. The mouthfeel was not overly sweet, which was a big plus for me, and didn’t leave a bitter or artificial aftertaste. Although, as the beer got closer to room temperature, I was able to identify a definite use of extract. Given how well the product worked as a whole, I didn’t find this discovery to take away from enjoying the last sips of my pint.

Overall, I found Unibroue’s Éphémère Pear to be the smoothest of the brewery’s fruit beers.

For the style and overall enjoyment of the brew, I would give it a solid 8/10!

Dieu du Ciel Disco Soleil
Style: India Pale Ale (brewed with fruit)
Alcohol: 6.5%
Format: 341ml Bottle

Dieu du Ciel (DDC) is one of those breweries whose products are consistently excellent. Their products, in both marketing efforts and quality are in line with my largest value, as a brewer and beer drinker: you get exactly what you paid for. In other words, the description on the label is never anything less than the taste from the glass. In fact, more often than not DDC goes above and beyond.

Disco Soleil illuminated my glass like no other beer in a while. The beautiful bright and sunshine golden color immediately confirmed that the name of the beer was chosen for a good reason. Recently I found myself to be shying away from IPA due to the poor selection and disappointing tastings. Yet, all this seemed to fade away with one big wiff of sweet, wet and fruity delight emanating from the beer in front of me: big hits of tropical fruit; guava and papaya, ending with a nice spicy sting to tickle the nose.

The taste surprised me a little bit (in a good way), as I got much more complexity than I expected. All the aromas followed through into my mouth and finished off with a solid bitterness that any hophead can appreciate (maybe a little too bitter for some). Beyond the dry finish, which I prefer in IPAs, I detected a slightly tart almost acidic finish. I quickly attributed this to use to oat, malted wheat or other wheat product, which I have found in the course of my own brewing adventures can lead to a faint but noticeable tartness. I came and went as I finished off the glass, keeping a smile on my face until the very end.

For the style and overall enjoyment of the brew, I would give it a solid 9/10!

Farnham 42 Summer Pale Ale
Style: American Pale Ale
Alcohol: 4.5%
Format: 473ml Can

Nothing says summer like… Well, a beer literally labelled as Summer Pale Ale. I grabbed this puppy with slight hesitation as I have yet to open a Farnham can that I was over joyed to finish. Nonetheless, one never knows until they give a brew a chance. There’s also the fact that with summer comes beach weather and let’s face it, cans are much easier to toss into the cooler!

42 started off strong with a pleasant grapefruit aroma, complemented by some subtle herbal notes. The color was opaque and orange in the glass, nothing special really, almost dull. You wouldn’t miss anything by drinking this one out of the can, although you would lose the agreeable aroma.

The taste was dank, herbal, grassy and even earthy, followed by an overwhelming bitterness. I expected it to be lighter and taste like it smelled, with a decent citrus character. Unfortunately this was not the case. It had a malty, almost thick mouthfeel that seemed to fade away at the back of the throat. Combined with a high bitterness level, this beer becomes quite thirst quenching. If I were to change one thing about this one, it would be to lower the IBUs or increase the body, as I do not believe the beer is as balanced as it could be.

For the style and overall enjoyment of the brew, I would give it a solid 6/10!

What would I drink again for taste?

Dieu du Ciel Disco Soleil

What would I buy again for price?

Farnham 42 Summer Pale Ale

What would I pick up based on convenience?

Unibroue Éphémère Pear

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I enjoy my lighter and fruity beers from time to time, when the mood strikes